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[SeventhStyle] Denpa Onna “Cutest Ever – Worst Story”

SeventhStyle: All-star baseball anime series Denpa Onna returns going even cuter than ever thought imaginable as the series has nothing else going for it – save for its newly-found sports dream.

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jphelps804182d ago

I'm sure there will be some more to the storyline.

Azeat4182d ago

I really like to hope so - it's been quite dead for the past few episodes and I've got high expectations for it.

JAMurida4179d ago

That's really sad, given that this anime was written by the same author who did "Lying Mii-Kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies" manga, which IMO was one of the best manga I've read to date. I had high hopes for this one going in, but gave up watching after the second episode.