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[7th] Fate/Stay Saber Alter -Vortigern- Figure

SeventhStyle: In contrast to the Fate/Unlimited Lily figure – this rendition of the divine warrior Saber proves to be the darkest, sadistic, and most murder intent filled of them all.

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GunShotEddy4181d ago

Always blown away by the details on figurines. They just keep getting better.

Azeat4181d ago

I especially love the recent releases of the Fate/Stay series and I'm normally not into figures.

Azeat4181d ago

I'm not too sure, though considering the price is roughly $110-200 it's possible.

A similar older Saber Alter figure runs on Amazon for merely $30-40 new.

kennykramer4181d ago

Typically they are and very well I might add.

VG_Releaser4181d ago

I'll take the Tohsaka Rin Figure first, but this one is a winner.

Azeat4181d ago

That Tohsaka Rin figure is still itching at me - sadly she's out of my price range.