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VG Cosplay: "If you follow anime or are even just a fan of mechs and super robot games, then you have to know Rei Ayanami, the beautiful character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She is the First Child (First Children in the Japanese version) and pilot of the Evangelion Unit 00. Rei is very cute, but also quite young for a mech pilot. She has an attitude that means she won't speak unless spoken to, and even then it's rare."

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GunShotEddy3748d ago

The pilot of 00 gets a 10 from me. :)

BeaRye3748d ago

And your comment gets a 10 on the dork meter, heh

VG_Releaser3748d ago

He's right though. Rei is the perfect combo of dark and quiet with HOT. That's a ten to me.

BattersUp3748d ago

Exactly. You cant really compete with Rei. She's just everything.

vgn243748d ago

I dunno. I admit the cosplay is hot, but technically Rei died twice. Not sure you can rate a dead girl as a ten.

charlescox43748d ago

What? She dies? WTF? Dude, enjoy the dang cosplay, but dont give away plot points or story.

MidnytRain3747d ago



ShyGuy133748d ago

I love Neon Genesis, but everytime i think about it the only word that comes to my mind is "FATHERRRR!"

BeaRye3748d ago

Revenge, redemption and heart break. Man Eva has a better storyline(s) and arxhs than most blockbuster movies.

kennykramer3748d ago

One of the best mainstream anime out there. I'm not even a big mecha fan, but the stories are so fricking deep.

charlescox43748d ago

Really? No love for Asuka Langley? Maybe you just have to like redheads, haha

Azeat3748d ago

Normally I don't like cosplay much - this one is honestly pretty well done however.

bjh0893748d ago

thats why he said spoilers lol do u know how to read haha

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