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[7th] Genshiken Otaku Affairs Anime

SeventhStyle: Genshiken is a slice of life focusing on the highly controversial cultural boundaries between open-minded innovative people known as “Otaku” versus those “regular people”.

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vgn244071d ago

Otaku are regular people, just better ones. ^_^

IceAc4071d ago

You mean more obsessed ones - by definition that is.

SegaSonic4071d ago

Otakus just get a bad rep for openly liking things to the extreme unlike the rest of the world that stays closeted and overly conservative. Will have to check this out.

charlescox44071d ago

Our voice is heard in the medium we obsess over. Art imitating life? Life imitating art? I'm so confused!

Azeat4071d ago

More like art imitates life - art is just too complex for people to notice however.