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VGC: "We all know the Halo video game franchise, but few have followed the evolution of the heavy Manga following the series has spun-off. Most notably is the beautifully done silent story by Tsutomu Nikei. It's a beautifully illustrated piece that is a mix of sci-fi action and gruesome horror. Nikei's rendition of the Flood and how they manipulate their hosts is grotesque and amazingly awesome. Enough about the Manga. We're here to talk about (and especially look at) Cortana,"

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BattersUp4063d ago

I never really thought of Cortana as "stacked". Now my opinion has changed. :)

kennykramer4063d ago

Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

GunShotEddy4063d ago

Holy crap. There are some that do great cosplay and others are just Fing hot!

BeaRye4063d ago

Whoa black betty! Fap alap. Whoa

kennykramer4063d ago

Never too early... or too late. Maybe there's too many people around though.

IceAc4063d ago

I want to see a lot more of the first one on page 3!

jphelps804063d ago

You should try a real woman. You might find it's more fun

VG_Releaser4063d ago

Sounds like she's volunteering haha

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