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SeventhStyle: Genshiken’s Transitional Terror Review

Otaku affairs anime Genshiken is one many will enjoy up until it instills a terribly executed transition from season to season – a shift so horribly done, its traumatizing.

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gamerfan4eva4061d ago

i use to watch this show a few years ago. it was good and i don't know why i stopped!

Azeat4061d ago

You might enjoy picking it back up again - that is until you finish season one, season two is unfortunately not as good.

gamerfan4eva4059d ago

I saw all of season 1 like a year or two ago. Maybe its because season 2 was bad that I stopped?

CrescentFang4060d ago

I believe the manga just started up again or something, though it's on my list of manga to eventually read, I haven't started it yet at all...