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VGC: "Kasumi is one of the most popular fighters in the Dead or Alive series of games, manga, and anime. She uses the Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu fighting style. She is the sister of Hayate and half-sister of Ayane. Winner of the first DoA tournament, she is game designer Tomonobu Itagaki's favorite character."

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GunShotEddy3496d ago

Kasumi is the Dead or Alive equivalent of the beautiful Chun Li.

BeaRye3496d ago

Thanks for the lesson in old Kasumi facts we already knew, lol

BattersUp3496d ago

I don't think was trying to "teach anyone". Why are you always rude to people on here?

VG_Releaser3496d ago

I'd take any of the DoA girls, including Kasumi. But Christie is the hottest.

Arcee3496d ago

Agree. Christie just has that sex appeal factor that the other girls just don't quite match.

vgn243496d ago

Okay, I'm on the Christie bandwagon too. It's the hair that grabs your attention and makes her a "bad girl". Kasumi has the sweet "girl next door" thing.

Arcee3496d ago

I think you nailed it. That extra swagger she has by looking like the bad girl is just that much more appealing.

SegaSonic3496d ago

Christie is just hot while Kasumi is cute. You take Kasumi home to mom and Christie to a motel. ^_^

ShyGuy133496d ago

I always thought I was the only one who found Christie attractive!

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3496d ago
Treyb3yond3496d ago

I would like to f the doa girls one by one.