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Toei Animaton: Overseas Licensing Income Jumps 66%

ANN writes: "Toei Animation reported earlier this month that its operating income from overseas copyright licensing is increasing 66% or about 500 million yen (about US$6 million) during the fiscal year ending in March of 2012, compared to the previous year. In particular, sales of character goods are growing in China and Europe.

Sales in licensing are projected to rise 66% to the range of 1 billion yen (US$12 million) in the current fiscal year. Sales of Saint Seiya T-shirts are launching in China in collaboration with a local company, and these sales are expected to lift Toei's income from licensing. Similarly, One Piece, Precure, and other franchises are being merchandised as items such as toys and stationery in Europe.

President Hiroshi Takahashi added that the domestic licensing business is off to a good start this fiscal year, but the business is still feeling the unavoidable impact of the previous year's downturn."

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TheColbertinator4060d ago

Good for Toei.Hopefully they can have a larger rise next year and invest in more anime/manga in the future.