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Why Old Anime Is Gold – New, Not As Likely

Many come to a misconception that old anime is equivalent to a ragged and worn out car – little did they know, it’s actually akin to a classic roadster, i.e. innovative and original.

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CrescentFang4061d ago

(I hope I know what I'm talking about...) What I like about older animes is that they use the older way of animation, which I'm sure is hand drawn or something. I think most anime nowadays use digital animation, which look nice, but for some reason the older style is more appealing to me.
Like Gundam Seed compared to like Gundam Wing, the detail on the MSs in GW just look more appealing to me. Though I do like animes getting rereleased on BDs and becoming clearer (like Tenchi Muyo)
I would like some harem anime about now, but most today are just based off of games or some other media, making them potentially high to be mediocre... (which most have become...)
I have yet to watch Aria and I still want to! Also rest in peace (I'm pretty sure a voice actor from that show just died, I think she voiced a major character too...)

Yi-Long4061d ago

... my girlfriend has been begging me for Slam Dunk in proper quality, and I personally would love to see Dr. Slump and Ranma and GTO getting quality new releases.

Oh, and ofcourse some of the classic anime that has been shown in the west in the past, but somehow has never been released properly. Like Samurai Pizza Cats and that Peter Pan anime and The Wizard of Oz. All brilliant brilliant shows.

The Killer4061d ago

the best animes are the ones in the 80's! the drawing was nice, the stories were original and you could feel the animators soul were in the anime, but now (bleach, naruto, onepeace, etc) you could see that the digital anime has no soul to it, like it is not an art, the old anime was something like an art but now it is like an animation program/pixels/flash movies.

fist of the north star, akira, ninja scroll, golgo 13 the professional, and many many more!! the 80's were the golden age of anime. am not saying nowadays anime is all bad but its much worse than before!!

the reason is because it is cheaper to make digital anime and faster! they sacrificed quality for quantity and cost savings. however i still liked some, like basiliks or the count of monte cristo: gunkustua or vampire d bloodless etc.

does anyone know good animes in the 80's to watch?

what i like is are things similar to these:
fist of the north star
golgo 13
ninja scroll
valley of the wind
ghost in the shell 1
showdow skills
detonator orgun

baker_boi4061d ago

I'm glad somebody else thinks so. And Im sure the problem we are discussing has another side to it.

But, just to add my two cents, a lot of these studios these days are putting out this bubble gum baby trash.

None of these animes that they bring across the water now-a-days have any soul. They're just either soap opera type bull or some baby-power ranger type stuff.

I remember when I could show an anime movie to some one who didnt watch the genre and they could take it as a good watching movie every now and then.

You cant do that with the stuff we're offered today. It's all too...I dunno...silly? It's too somethin, I don't know the word to describe it. It's almost like watching little children play at the park.

Why would you be watching little children play at the park? EXACTLY! No fricken clue.

I know for a fact there are still good animes running in Japan these days, but no body wants to pick that stuff up and bring it over.

I dont think anybody wants to risk it. The economy's changed and the market aint what it used to be. Especially with the internet in full bloom.

Azeat4061d ago

Definitely, Hyouge Mono is an excellent example of such an anime which is great yet deviating from what's currently popular - thus none sub it, release it, or speak of it.

baker_boi4061d ago

This is pretty good. I'd never heard of it.

JAMurida4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I kinda feel what your saying. For example, If you look at the top animes of like 2007-2010 on Anime-source, it's wtfface with some of the rankings, (they put Angel Beats over Durarara!!...)

That's is kinda true though with showing your friends something. I remember showing my friend the Cowboy Bebop Movie and ever since then he was hooked. But if I were to of showed him something like... Working! He would of laughed at me and said something like, "Get this noise outta my face".

Tbh, I have kinda switch over to reading manwha/manga more than watching anime these days. Anime seems to just be "the same thing" these days. Story about highschool boy, 16, who meets random girl(s) and story goes randomly on from there. The formula is the same most of the time. What the studios need to do is really take the time to look at the manga out there to make into an anime. But if they do so, don't mess up the anime to it when there is manga to go off of, (Deadman Wonderland). I'm still surprise no one has picked up something like Bloody Monday, Ga-Rei or Code Breaker. Still I wish the manwha "The Breaker" would get an anime to it. Tbh, of all the manga/anime, I look forward to seeing the next chapters to The Breaker more than anything out right now.

EDIT: Dam I went off topic as hell...

Samus HD4061d ago

agree but except for Death Note

SynGamer4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

By chance was this spurred on by my comment on your Last Exile review? Just curious :) As far as this article, you bring up a good point. I honestly don't get why "retro" reviews are frowned upon. New people are getting into anime and manga every day. Why should they not be allowed to voice their opinion on something that is new to them?

Azeat4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Indeed it was - you've inspired me.

When an idea comes to mind, better start writing immediately.

I've actually been contemplating that idea for a while now as I recently finished a vintage series, GTO, which is one I never would have watched and missed out on an incredible experience had someone not recommended it to me.

I feel there is some sort of invisible content barrier that needs to be broken down.

The Killer4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

damn i missed 80's animes, they were quality! it was a combination of art and story telling plus other effects.

nowadays animes are not art and story telling sucks! all you see women with big breast and buys with too much power etc

it starting to become standard to have ridiculous breast sizes, and i am wonder is that suppose to be for young people? why brain wash the youth with such ideas of role models?

animes these days became much lower! you wouldnt be able to tell if an anime is for kids or for adults since both have nude in them.

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