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Sekijitsu: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 10-12 [END]

Hello minna san! Once again I’d like to apologize for how delayed the Denpa Onna post is. I’ve combined episodes 10, 11 and 12 together so be warned by how lengthy this post will get. As usual I will be doing a whole season review of the series in a separate post in the coming...

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SegaSonic4173d ago

Nice review. Looking forward to the full season recap.

JAMurida4173d ago

I had high expectations for this show, given that it was made by the same author that did the manga, "Lying Mii-Kun and Broken Maa-chan", which is easily in the top 5 of my favorite manga. But I honesty gave up after the second episode of this show, lol.

CrescentFang4173d ago

Wow! Thanks, I loved that manga!
I personally don't like watching light novel shows (I'm pretty sure this is a light novel...), but anyways you just made me want to go reread that lol

CrescentFang4173d ago

Hm I guess editing disappears after a while...
Anyways I found out that "Lying Mii-Kun and Broken Maa-chan" is also a light novel and was adapted unto a movie last January. It makes me want to read the book now that I already read the manga...

TheMrMadzen4173d ago

FYI, there is a 13th episode, which will come bundled with the dvd/blu-ray. It was canceled due to the earthquake. Go figure.