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Saint Seiya Golden 1:1 Scale Costume

Bandai Namco is showing off a 1:1 scale costume of their soon to be released Playstation 3 title – Saint Seiya.

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millivanilli4172d ago

If I had that, I don't care how dorky I would look, I'd sport that bad boy everywhere.

CrescentFang4172d ago

I've always wanted to start reading the manga, I guess since its the summer I should start now since it's the time when I have the most free time :3 other than that, it look quite cool. I wonder if there is a 1:1 Berserk armor made, but there would have to be the skull knight version and Guts one haha

millivanilli4171d ago

Still coming back and looking at this suit a day and half later. So impressive.