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YUI’s ‘Summer Song’ tops ‘Saikyou Natsu Uta’ user Ranking charts

Check out the “Saikyou☆Natsu Uta Ranking” for Best Summer song voted by users.

These are the user Ranking according to a mobile download site ‘Recochoku‘ as these are the ones best suited for Summer.

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shreeveera4055d ago

Yui's Summer Song is unlike anything Ive heard this summer.
Its clean,elegant and has a Pretty flare to it.

geniusgamerdoc4054d ago

Nice songs have indeed made it to the Top 5 this summer..Didnt expect Yui to be the most voted song actually.

shreeveera4054d ago

Summer Dream by Tohoshinki is my second favourite song from the Top 5 list.

geniusgamerdoc4054d ago

Tohoshinki is a better singer imo compared to yui

shreeveera4054d ago

The album artwork of Summer song absolutely stunning.