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( My Favorite Anime Death Scenes

Arcee: One of the main reason why I prefer Japanese anime over American or Western animated programs is the fact that in anime there is no hesitance when it comes to depicting the death of characters. Where western animated programs usually shield the viewer, mostly children, from the agony and/or violence of death, in Japan it is done quite often as they realize that their anime is not only intended just for children but for some adults who watch their programs as well. As such, they are more likely to include more mature themes in their series.

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JAMurida4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I'm surprise the death scene from Liang Qi in CANAAN wasn't on that list, that one was pretty messed up:

Peaceful_Jelly4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

never heard about that anime but that death was epic as heck! I would watch the series but I just started watching Darker than Black and trying to keep up with the new anime seasons.

heavily edited:

Steins;Gate- this is an amazing anime with good characters and plot about time travel. There is a certain character that is particularly cute and moe and she's the childhood friend of the main character. The poor cute thing dies many times, horribly (but censored thanks to that new law in Japan). The way they present the anxiety and despair of the main character trying to save her at all cost and failing every time, it was pure genius.

Gantz- guro baybee! This anime goes beyond Elfen Lied when it comes to this. The deaths are constant but always impressive.

Madoka- when I first saw the death of Mami I almost cried I really didn't see it coming. This anime is so cute that who would think there's so much death and evil in it.

School Days- the death of Sekai was gory, brutal and disturbing. This anime starts all cute and moe and little by little it becomes darker and darker until a series of events leads to one of the most epic death scenes I have ever seen in anime to this date. Whoever say that this turns out of events were expected is lying.

Naruto- Jiraiya! It been like 3 months since his deaths and I still miss the ero-sennin. I never though they would kill such an important character in the series. =(

Code Geass- Shirley. Even thought I hated her because she reminds me to that retarded chick from Bleach (Inoue) she was the only one that really loved Lelouch and her devotion to him was never reciprocated. And then she died, stupidly... Sad.

***End of Spoilers

And talking about DBZ, death in that anime has no relevancy because they always use the dragon balls to revive everybody.

noprin4050d ago

mine is actually L death in Death Note
In the last seconds he sees the betrayal and understand the true face of kira but he cannot say anything but to close his eyes to this mad world...

Arcee4050d ago

Believe me I considered adding it as well. But with so many awesome and emotional scenes to chose from it was a certainty that many great scenes would be left out or overlooked. As you just pointed out one that I missed.

antiAntag0nist4050d ago

I was about 11 or 12 when I saw Spike's last hurrah in Cowboy Bebop. It was the first time other than DBZ where I saw a main character die where it actually bothered me. Also, Vegeta's sacrifice was pretty epic as well.

KonohagakureFC4050d ago

What about:

Itachi from Naruto, all the horrible things he did was for the sake of his brother Sasuke and in the end it was Sasuke who fought him till he died of his disease

dragokid4050d ago

What about one piece where Ace die

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