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The Tyuno Project: Top 5 Powerful Dragon Ball Z Villains

Dragon Ball Z is consider one of the most popular anime of all time. Any anime fan who grew up in the 90's can say that Dragon Ball Z was the reason that they got into anime. DBZ is fill with non-stop action and fast pace fighting. The series is stacked with interesting characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and many more. But another factor that makes DBZ a huge hit is the villains. The villains are the ones who push the main heroes to become stronger and more bad-ass. But which one is the most powerful and dominating villain in the Dragon Ball Z universe?

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jwalkerz4160d ago

garlic jr is the weakest of them all. he only has immortality, he would lose in a fight

Searcyboy204160d ago

But he can't never die, so how can he lose?

DarkBlood4160d ago

he regenerates that's not going to work unless its not like cells regeneration where simply slicing that head off wont work lol, of course ud have to blast every bits of him away but that never occured to them

so they banish him into the portal once again lol

nopunctuation4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Dismemberment. Total dismemberment. Something buu can recover from.

RockmanII74160d ago

Well on a technical level the villain of the last DBZ movie from like 2009 was stronger than Frieza.

nopunctuation4160d ago

This is a load of shit. As the biggest DBZ fan ever, Buu is the stongest villian. He is the true immortal and can only be killed if every atom of him dies. Garlic cant do that and broly cant do it. Broly has always been overrated anyway. He is about 50% of a ssj3. If goku had gotten his hands on him in the second movie he would have been toast.

RuffRyder4159d ago

How is broly overatted? he is the most powerful sayjin in DBZ universe. borly was born with the power level of a ssj,which took goku years to reach that level.

Are you assuming that if broly was still alive when goku reach ssj3, his power level would not have increased also??
If goku is able to reach ssj3 then broly can reach ssj3 with ease!!