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Anime Evo: Tiger & Bunny 16 Review

Anime Evo: Remember when Tiger & Bunny used to be a light, happy, comedic, slice-of-life type, buddy cop show? . . . kiss it good bye cause HOLY REVELATIONS BATMAN *runs around like a chicken with its head cut off* did NOT see that one coming! NOT NOT NOT. Never in my wildest dreams or speculations did I EVER think that this could happen. I mean, there were (and are) the more crackier theories regarding Mr. Maverick and him possibly being evil (Come on! Just look at him when he was younger! Those eyebrows, those eyes, that nose, that mole! It SCREAMS suspicious dont it?!) Anyways…this episode had me reeling. Both on Yuri’s past as well the development on Kotetsu’s powers. Just…holy crap man.

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