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Fillers Galore in Naruto Shippuden August 2011 Schedule

4 new episodes of Naruto Shippuden in August, all seaside fillers.

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tayz4153d ago

I'm not too happy about fillers. they can make 59 real episodes and in those 59 weeks they'll have 59 more chapters!

Yi-Long4152d ago

... if they were actually good and interesting short side-stories.

rabidpancakeburglar4152d ago

Sometimes they are good but I'm not a fan of them when they completely ignore what has happened in the anime and delve into the past like with the leaf histories after pain was defeated.

crxss4153d ago

fillers blow, ruins the anime. then again, shippuden's never been that good, they always manage to squeeze in the most pointless sh!t into the majority of their episodes. i.e. - last week's naruto running away from konohamaru, took an entire episode for naruto to get ramen and teleport to mt myoboku, ridiculous.

tayz4153d ago

lol the myoboku part was like 5 minutes. wasn't it like 2 chapters in the manga? lolol

TheColbertinator4153d ago

They are trolling the Naruto fans.At least dbz kept it interesting back then,now the Naruto manga and anime just have too much filler.

kittenEXTREME4144d ago

LOL!! You're trolling right? I really cant tell. Like the 25 min charge ups of sayan's?

x5exotic4152d ago

fillers suck, not matter how funny they are, they suck, they have no quality, pointless, and ruin the whole show, look at great anime, none of them have fillers, look at naruto,bleach, dbz >.< they have a 500000 eps, drag on and till that 0.001% of excitement is gone, 1 simple not-so-important event takes at least 3 episodes
and it's sad because even non-filler episodes are boring as well :(

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The story is too old to be commented.