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More Chinese Plagiarism of Japanese Anime?

A video compares scenes of the Japanese anime “Hikarian: Great Railroad Protector” with a Chinese cartoon called “高鉄侠”.

It is painfully obvious that the Chinese cartoon is a copying the Japanese cartoon. The discovery was made by Chinese netizens, who found clips of the cartoon online and questioned its origin after noticing that it used a map of Japan and its main character ate Japanese-style onigiri.

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CrescentFang4039d ago

Hm, well I suppose this isn't the first time this has happened? The only other time I know of is the plagiarized Gundam statue. Afterwards they made it look different (and yellow) but funny fanart came about afterwards haha.

What I'm not liking is that the use of CG (that's what I think they are using in the Chinese video above) is becoming more prevalent now, especially in American television AND movies. I hope to see more actual animated shows/movies than that CG stuff, especially when it looks like low quality CG, which I can't stand...

iWishTifaWasReal4039d ago

they copied 5 centimeters per second too -,-

jwalkerz4038d ago

plagiarism will always happen in china unless the government passess a law to protect intellectual property