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Disney Confirms Princess Mononoke No Longer Licensed in US

In separate emails to each respective company, both Disney (through their Buena Vista Home Video Entertainment division) and Echo Bridge distribution, the former distributor for the defunct Miramax label have confirmed that the US license for Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke is no longer held by either company and has not been renewed, greatly reducing the chances of a domestic home video re-release.

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Yi-Long4032d ago

... Disney has already shown they are too disrespectful towards the original material.

If it hadn't been for Miyazaki's insistence that his movies were not allowed to be cut AT ALL, we would even have had a butchered version from Disney.

CrescentFang4032d ago

I did not know that, though probably because I have not seen all Ghibli films yet haha

CrescentFang4032d ago

Hm, I thought this was one of Ghibli's successful movies in the west, but I'm probably wrong, from what I stated above

Djinn4031d ago

This is the only ghibli movie I liked. I was hoping for a blu ray release. Now what...

nagicakeumz4031d ago

Looks like I'll have to nab it before they pull it from the shelves. :| Such a shame, as this is one of my favorite movies from Miyazaki.

Archaic4029d ago

I wonder how this impacts on the licenses in the Australian market through Madman. I can't remember if it's a sublicense off the master Disney license or not, though I'd assume it probably is.