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Borderline Hikikomori: 15 Thoughts from Akihabara

Borderline Hikikomori:

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, and that means pretty much everyone, I recently went to Japan. Two of my days were spent in Akihabara. Below are some of my thoughts on what some have referred to as the Anime holy land.

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CrescentFang4029d ago

Thought #4 - But basic man law still applies? Dammit...

#5 - I think it's supose to be Madoka? I duuno, I haven't seen or know much about that anime

#9 - If you cannot go alone, bring a bro! Though do lots of guys go there by themselves anyway?

#10 - Ugh, I would feel annoyed having to find a trash can. I always have trouble with that anywhere, sometimes even at home.

#15 - lol

It was a good read~