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Dragon Age anime gets named, pushed to 2012

Japanator's Bob Muir writes, "A little over a year ago, FUNimation announced a Dragon Age anime project, a surprising move for a company that normally focuses on translation and localization. Since then, we haven't heard much, and here's why: the project has been pushed back to 2012. At least FUNimation has released a little more info about it though!"

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NovusTerminus4149d ago

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker...

Ehhhhh... I will always think of Legend of the Seeker when I read this.

Cpt_kitten4149d ago

hopefully its better than dragon age 2

tiffac4148d ago

I hope its a good movie when it comes out. I would be saddened if it doesn't come out right ^^

No_Pantaloons4148d ago

Trying to cash in by using the DA label, sorry you gotta earn the fans back with a real sequel to origins before you try peddling spinoff material.