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Couch Co-Op: Subs and Dubs

Jade Kraus and Derek Lavigne go head to head in a debate about subs vs dubs in a single article. A new take on a constant argument.

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CrescentFang4036d ago

If there is a lot of Japanese terminology (names, places, etc.) the English actor usually always mispronounces it. Though I can't blame them, it's hard to get the correct pronunciation of one (or few) foreign word when you're speaking in your native language (colloquially at that).
If done right, some dubs can be great... tbh though I prefer subs

Ryasha4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Same applies to the Japanese actors too. They like to throw a lot of random English words or phrases out there that they pretty much always mess up unless they're actually fluent in the the language.

I pretty much don't care one way or the other about subs or dubs. If it has a dub, or is getting one, I will watch that version since my attention will actually be 100% on the screen. Well that and I don't particularly like reading my TV. It's like books on tape. Doesn't make sense to me.

However, if there is no dubbed version, it won't stop me from watching the series/movie/whatever subbed. As long as I understand what's going on all is well.

Long story short, I'll watch whatever is available. Won't care for a voice or two (in either version) but I'll gladly watch.

CrescentFang4035d ago

haha I guess it's different for everyone. I don't have to focus my eyes intently on the text to read it. But just those few seconds of reading would change the experience of watching.
(Probably live movie dubbing would be different since there technically is no "original" dub )
I have some sort of strange feeling when watching anything asian related (I'm asian) and I usually like to watch it in it's respective language. Though I gotten used to watching anime since I've been doing it since I was young. Though unlike others, I would love to learn Japanese one day, just right now my life can't handle it haha

jwalkerz4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

dubs will always better than subs. it's easier to focus on the beautiful moving image than focusing read text

Asch4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I disagree with this. There is actually very little animation in Anime in general. Especially when you compare it to say Disney or Pixar.

So in all honesty you really don't miss that much.

Personally I find that I don't have the subs as my main focus and just read them in the corner of my eye.

The other option is read them really quick and look back up :p

Archaic4035d ago

Personally, after having watched a number of series both subbed and dubbed into English, I just find that the dubs fail to convey the proper nuances and meaning from the originals on many occasions. They've gotten better than they used to be, but English dubs still aren't at the level of, say, Latin American Spanish dubs. Part of the reason for that may very well be that we've got a whole group of voice actors who only ever seem to dub anime, instead of the much broader experience base of foreign dubbers.

Of course, in my case the sub vs dub debate is a bit academic. I just watch it in the original Japanese, no subs required. =)