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Anime Instrumentality: Ani-Jazz 1st Note – Review

maskerade writes: It begins with the saxophones crooning a series of slow notes, before the trumpets pop in and a cacophony of madness floods the air in stereo. This sound swirls and swirls, changing time every couple of seconds before ending in a climatic chord not unlike the opening sequence of a 70s cop show, complete with an extended echo.

And that’s just the thirty-second intro track.

Allow me to present the ladies of Tokyo Brass Style (or Brasta Style as they term themselves). They are an eleven-piece all-girl brass band, with a distinct swing-jazz big band style that will keep the toes tapping and the fingers snapping. Some dancing might ensue as well. They are almost like the famed Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, except smaller, louder and way more frenzied.

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SynGamer4033d ago

Good to see some retro reviews for audio releases like this. Will definitely be bookmarking this site for future recommendations :D

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