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Random Curiosity: Ouran High School Host Club Drama – 02

Divine writes: Now that I’m settled in with all the actors in their respective roles, I have to say I found this second episode absolutely hilarious. None of the material being covered is new to me, but when I compare Miyano Mamoru’s over-the-top portrayal of the idiotic Tamaki in the anime to Yamamoto Yuusuke’s variation in this drama, I find myself thoroughly amused. It all starts with his growing obsession to get Haruhi to go back to her feminine appearance and his wild delusions of what it would be like. This then leads to his absolute life-shattering realization that Haruhi wouldn’t be able to stay in the host club if it’s discovered that she’s a girl during the school’s physical examination.

I got a good laugh out of Tamaki whining like a little girl when Haruhi had absolutely no interest in keeping her gender a secret, as images of the same scene in the anime quickly popped in my head. No one ever said that the craziness in anime translates normally to real-life, but if yo...

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