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My Ordinary Life Episode #18 Anime Review [The Fandom Post]

TFP writes: "In Summary: My Ordinary Life doesn’t exactly hit it out of the park here like it did a few episodes ago, but there’s a lot to like in general and plenty of good fun and laughs. The variety is both the shows strength and weakness since characters you want to see aren’t on at all or some spend too much time. The mix here is decent across the board, but the humor itself and the stories aren’t ones that really reach as high as we’ve seen before. There’s even a return to the princess storyline at the end here where the massive group she has tries to make her laugh before they’re sent plummeting to their deaths from the sky. It’s one of the more surreal parts of the series that we haven’t seen in awhile but it has some really hilarious moments as it plays out. It’s such a hilariously long way to go for a gag that it’s perfect and ends the episode in such a fantastic way that you can’t help but to laugh."

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