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2011 Hunter x Hunter Anime to Retell Story From Start

The upcoming television anime adaptation of the Hunter X Hunter manga will have a new staff and cast compared to the 1999-2001 television anime, and it will retell the story from the manga from the beginning.

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Yi-Long4027d ago

... never was able to watch the original series, so hopefully this will be even better :)

gaffyh4027d ago

Sooo happy about this, I've never been able to sit through the original because it just looked too old.

CrescentFang4026d ago

Woah, I read this up to a certain point, but it got really confusing and stuff, but I was really young back then haha
Though I've reread it twice already and dropped it twice, but I always come back lol

Peaceful_Jelly4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Gon is a guy that wants to become a hunter to look for his father. And during his journey he made 3 friends and 1 major enemy (not exactly an enemy, more like one dangerous rival):

Killua that is a member of a family of assassins and while at first he wanted to become a hunter just to kill people and train he now wants to be one to go into adventures with his new best friend Gon.

Kurapica is a guy that looks like a girl (I still believe he is a she even though the mangaka says otherwise; it's just too suspicious), he wants to become a hunter to find the murderers of is clan and take revenge on them.

Leorio wants to be a hunter to get money to pay school to become a Doctor after he lost a friend to an illness because he couldn't afford the treatment.

Hisoka is the enemy. He is probably one of the most powerful Hunter in the world and became really obsessed with Gon's hidden powers.

And that's basically the entire story of this manga. I still remember it even tough I watched it like 7-8 years ago because it was so good.

theuniquejimmy4026d ago

The show is actually a lot deeper than that summary with many characters both good and evil. It's a really great story and I highly recommend it if you love shonen anime.

The good thing about this remake is it will give fan an opportunity to see this classic show and will probably get dubbed. The bad thing is for all of us who watched the show before how much more will this offer us than what we already saw but just looking nicer.

Archaic4025d ago

Well, this is going to be very interesting. The series isn't so old that a continuation would have been outside of the realms of possibility. By making it a remake, they're giving themselves some amazingly big shoes to fill.