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Borders’ demise signals trouble ahead for manga

TWT: "Once upon a time during business hours on any given day in any given city, you could walk into your local Borders bookstore and see stacks and stacks of manga fans sitting cross-legged, reading “Naruto” or “Fruits Basket” and obliviously blocking access to the shelves.

If you’ve never heard of manga, or Japanese comics, you may never have noticed this spontaneous human obstacle course formed daily between you and your product of choice. But for fans of manga, Borders has long been the go-to destination. Indeed, the bookstore chain was instrumental in fueling a substantial publishing boom in translated manga over the past decade.

The demise of the bankrupt book retailer, now in liquidation, could presage an equal and opposite bust in the fast-growing market niche."

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SynGamer4024d ago

This might actually be good for the industry. I can't tell you how many kids would be sitting on the floor, reading manga for a couple of hours, and then get up and not buy a single thing...if you want to do that, go to your local library.

Lord_Sloth4023d ago

Scanslation teams FTW!!!