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Push-Start. Review: Arrietty

Edward Westman writes: "The story itself will be familiar to many westerners having previously been adapted by the BBC and the subject of a dire adaptation starring John Goodman, Arrietty may be relocated to the outskirts of a Tokyo suburb but most of the original elements from Mary Norton’s source are intact. The film keeps in Ghibli tradition by focusing on the joy of everyday rituals (preparing dinner, doing laundry) with a unique slant, one scene in particular see’s Arrietty grinding up oversized biscuits with a mortar and pestle. Thus amplifying the sadness we feel when events take a turn for the worst, as the Clock family (the Borrowers in question) find themselves forced from their home. Arrietty is charmingly realised as an inquisitive yet timid presence, resourceful enough to adopt a sewing pin as a sword and vulnerable enough that we care for her safety whilst trusting her as a heroine."

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