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Prepare your body for Gundam AGE this October 9th

Japanator: "It's been finally confirmed that Sunrise's next big Gundam show, Gundam AGE, will be airing in just under two months' time, slated for October 9th, 2011. Japan time, of course.

If you're wondering why AGE might be different, it's because this time Sunrise has handed the helm off to Level-5, the studio behind Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, Danball Senki, and Ni no Kuni (aka the Ghibli JRPG).

I think I'm game for something like that. Sure, it looks a little...kiddy, but hey, I watch sentai shows. Check out the trailer below. Whatever you do, though, don't look at the Youtube page for same. A three thousand-plus comment-long flame war over the merits of Gundam SEED rages beneath the innocent video. Oh, Youtube."

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Lord_Sloth4014d ago

Don't care for the art style...Seems to detract from the serious nature of your average Gundam show.