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Ten Notable Piano Solos in Anime

Yu writes: There is no instrument that has dominated the soundtrack scene quite like the pianoforte. If you think about it, it’s not really that surprising. Practically thinking, using a piano cuts labor costs – whereas it would normally take around five violinists (or ten piccoloists, but no one wants to listen to that many piccolos anyway) to sound ten different notes at once, one pianist can handle that, no sweat. But that’s beside the point. With a clear and crisp tone that can duplicate the delicate shimmering of bells or summon an impassioned thundering of notes, the piano is truly beautiful in its own right.

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nyobzoo4010d ago

I knew about half of them :p

Whitefox7894010d ago

Surprised I didn't see Angel Beats! on there.

Reibooi4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

agreed. Angel Beats has some incredible Piano work in it. The Piano and Violin album released for the show(called Angel itself) was awesome and showed how good alot of the vocal themes could sound as just a piano piece.

I would also throw Kara No Kyoukai into the list. There is a song from the 5th film Paradox Spiral that is a piano theme and it' a incredibly beautiful and heart breaking song.