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When LOL Just Isn't Enough: Golden Boy Episode 1

Animevice - "Have you ever sat down to watch a comedic movie? I’m sure you have and I do, too. But when it comes to anime most people want depth and meaning and the whole 9 yards. Needless to say, I don’t and I welcome the pointless and eccentric comedies that are there to relieve my stress from ordinary life 20 minutes at a time."

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RE_L_MAYER4009d ago

Awesome show about a pervert but a handsome man as well its only like 5 or 6 episodes but I suggest watching all of them its wreally funny if you get sexual humor)))

tplarkin74009d ago

This is an excellent anime in every way. It's definitely for adults, but I would rate it "R".

XeNoStRatoS4008d ago

Hmm Golden Boy is great but its age is already at least a decade. Nothing new here if you don't use this article to remind of a former great anime series.