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[ANIMEPS3] - DOUBT Manga Review

The Main plot of Doubt is based on a Game of Survival. A few people who are complete strangers to each other are either randomly or purposefully chosen in a famous Game called RABBIT DOUBT.

The sole motto of this game is to Survive and keeps all the players guessing as to who the Wolf might be.If they fail to Identify the Wolf and don’t bring him down on time nobody’s life is a guaranty.Thus begin the game of Rabbit Doubt.

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ps4me4009d ago

The main theme of the Story really caught my interest into Start reading the Manga.The Concept of chosing a bunch of complete strangers and pitting them against one another in a game of Survival made me drool over.

I love similar Manga like BATTLE ROYALE also.

shreeveera4008d ago

I loved Battle Royale too.
Nice review BTW..

ps4me4008d ago

KAIJI,GAMBLE FISH and LIAR GAME are awesome aswell.

geniusgamerdoc4008d ago

USOGUI is also a great manga.
You should try it out as its still Ongoing...

ps4me4008d ago

Will start reading it then

BTOOOM and JISATSUTOU manga are also very good.

shreeveera4008d ago

Im a member of EASYGOINGSCANS which is Scanlation group working on USOGUI..

Check out HOHZUKI ISLAND Manga,its a superb Murder survival thriller.

shreeveera4008d ago

Akumu no Elevator manga is sensational.

geniusgamerdoc4008d ago

Never heard of it.
Is it a Survival thriller manga like Doubt?

Ragnaarock4007d ago

The Author of doubt is making a new manga, similar to the first called judge. Kinda the same premise, a group of strangers with shrouded pasts are sent to a room and they have to vote on who will die next. Each person has their own hidden background on why they were sent there, crime, negligence, ect....

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4007d ago

I remember reading this a long time ago, it was awesome^^