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Majin Vegeta Confirmed in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

The Prince of all Saiyans has been confirmed in the latest Dragon Ball game.

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tayz4004d ago

i hope they also confirmed SSJ3 Vegeta like in Raging Blast

UnSelf4002d ago

@tayz ssj3 isnt real so i rly hope they dont.

i hate stupid ass made up characters. the sheer amount of power necessary to go ssj3 is too much which is why only goku achieved it

gotenks, being a fusion, was able to achieve this from sheer power alone. fusion also contains some minor magical qualities which along wit seeing goku turn into it themselves, aided them in successfully transforming.

Gohan hidden power was released from Daikai-oh which allowed him maximum strength without transforming so ssj3 for him would be counter-intuitive

Vegeta doesnt have enough power

Vegito had more than enough power and any state after SSj1 woulda been overkill or unecessary

Gogeta has the same case as vegito

one must remember that SSJ3 is hard on the body. its not just a comfortable state like say SSj, which in itself, is tough to maintain. Until they were able to easily control it, SSJ was sumn like Sasake and his Cursed Mark in the sense that if you couldnt control it, u flew into a rage.

SSj3 would be the equivalent of using the Mangeyko Sharigan....extremely harsh on the body

dbznathan4002d ago

there is dbgt in this game so there will be ssj4's

gazerino4002d ago

when will we be seeing a DBZ game on the 3ds.

tayz4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

they will get there i am sure of it! milking the dbz license is what they do best!

Samus HD4002d ago

Majin vegeta it's the same as Vegeta SSJ2
why making copied characters?

RockmanII74002d ago

That gave me an idea, can we make any character Majin with the Character Customizer? Think about Majin Broly, assuming Broly is in the game.

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