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Anime Evo: Tiger & Bunny 22 Review

Anime Evo: *screams at her screen* THAT CLIFFHANGER! ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. SUNRISE?! *flips tables in her rage* That..just….I’m gonna splutter here for a few minutes and try to get my rage in control. Cause DAT CLIFFHANGER. JUST. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ANYWAYS. This weeks episode can be summarized by the following line, which was said by bemysty on the Sternbild (spoilers) channel, “Kaede is a screwdriver! Bunny needs anger management classes! Kotetsu’s muscles look like silly putty!” It pretty much sums the whole episode up nicely I’d say XD But yeah, one HELL of a tense and exciting episode! I was holding my breath, gulping in worry at some points…and laughing my head off at Kotetsu’s dorkiness. Kotetsu, please never change.

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