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PERSONA 4: The Animation Debut trailer

The debut trailer of Atlus’s Persona 4 anime, which will begin airing in Japan this October, has been released.

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geniusgamerdoc3439d ago

Hope we get a subbed version soon enough!!

shreeveera3439d ago

You can easily find the Fansubbed version of the Episodes as soon as it starts to air.. But the Official boxsets will definitely take some.

shreeveera3439d ago

When is the date its gonna air in Japan ?

ps4me3439d ago

Its gonna start airing this OCTOBER. Paint me excited.

Djinn3438d ago

Persona 3 was a shit game. no townz

geniusgamerdoc3438d ago

But. We're talking about Anime tv series here.
When is Persona 5 comin out?

Hope we get it for Playstation VITA.

Tuxedo_Mask3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )


What are you talking about? The whole game took place in a town.