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Saw Film Director Wants to Remake Ninja Scroll Anime

While in Japan promoting his latest film Insidious which opens in Japan on Saturday Wan was asked if he had any interest in working on a film that was based on a manga or a subject from Japanese culture. Wan replied, "I love anime and manga. I especially love ninjas. I think I would definitely like to work on a remake of Ninja Scroll, which is very popular in America.

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nyobzoo3998d ago

idk, hated the Saw movies

zerocrossing3997d ago

Ninja Scroll is awesome! Please dont screw it up!

maniacmayhem3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

How do you remake something that was already perfect?

Ninja Scroll is the one anime that even non anime lovers

belal3994d ago

only thing they need to do is uppdaye the graphics and let the rest be.