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[GeniusAnime] - BACCANO! Anime Review

Never before has so much madness been crammed into so short a series.
Surprisingly, Baccano's story is very straightforward. It just takes a while to realize how simple it is because of its crazy non-linear storytelling and ridiculous onslaught of characters.

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geniusgamerdoc4115d ago

This Anime is really like a Hollywood flick.

So many things happening at a given point in time.It can be quite confusing to follow in the beginning.

shreeveera4115d ago

This is a Must watch anime.
Awesome animation n charaters.

TheColbertinator4115d ago

Loved watching baccano.All that crazy psychotic murder,the outlandish immortality elixirs and the characters who all shine out for all sorts of reasons.

geniusgamerdoc4115d ago

You are Absolutely right bro.
It was truly an amazing watch.
There was never a dull moment in Baccano.

ps4me4115d ago

Baccano was genuine madness at it's finest.

I marathoned the whole DVD in a single day.

JAMurida4114d ago

I think they had a Blur ray release for this anime but I think it cost like $70ish for it. Still must see though...

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