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Dengeki Poll: Top 10 Games to Make Into Anime

ANN: "The Japanese entertainment information site Dengeki Online posted the results of a survey on which games its readers want to be adapted into anime.

Among the votes cast by the self-selected respondents, these were the top 10 choices:

Rank Title
1 Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) franchise
2 Little Busters!
3 Kingdom Hearts franchise
4 Puyo Puyo franchise
5 Persona 3
6 God Eater
7 Tales of Graces
8 BlazBlue franchise
9 Ōkami
10 Chrono Trigger

Persona 3 did inspire a spinoff television anime series called Persona -trinity soul-, and Chrono Trigger was adapted into the Jikū Bōken Nūmamonjaa event anime video in 1996."

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