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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi – Hero Mode

Character customization has been confirmed in Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi.

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tayz4000d ago

this is too awesome! they did an awesome job!

Xof3999d ago

I dunno. From what I've heard, ever CAC is a saiyajin... and there are only a handful of different (physical) options to choose, meaning most of the customization comes from changing various colors.

No female characters. No alien characters. Crap like that.

I dunno. I'll wait to see what else is unveiled, but given Spike's track record, I wouldn't expect too much. Hell, I won't even believe that there's actual terrain deformation until I can see it for myself.

Lord_Sloth3999d ago

It's still a step in the right direction! My own DBZ character!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!

Xof3998d ago

A step in the right direction... but there will never be another, what with this being Spike's last game.