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[GeniusAnime] - Fate/Stay Night anime Review

Fate/Stay Night is a shounen-based action fantasy romance drama series that centers among seven teams (one master and one servant) trying to fight each other in order to win the Holy Grail.
For this series to follow the shounen genre, the results were nothing short of impressive compared to other shounen-based series.

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shreeveera3991d ago

I love this Anime series.
Hope we get a Sequel to this.

GamingBuddha093991d ago

well technically we are but its a prequel telling the events of the previous holy grail war

Tanir3989d ago

yeah look up fate/zero anime, its a prequel and looks awesome, also dunno if u know but the anime took only one of the routes of the fate story line. took the fate arc.

there is the unlimited blade works arc and the other arc (forget name) which has Dark Saber.

there is a movie out for unlimited bladeworks, its pretty epic actually, its starts from begining but changes alot since its a different arc

shreeveera3990d ago

Can someone recommend me a few Anime similar to Fate/Stay Night??

ps4me3990d ago

Check out Zero no Tsukaima.
It has 3 seasons and is very similar to this anime. It is more Ecchi though.

geniusgamerdoc3990d ago

Definitely watch Hyakka Rouran Samurai girls and Shakugan No Shana anime.

Noctis Aftermath3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Not exactly similar, but i think they should be up your alley if you like FSN.

Darker Than Black
Buso Renkin
Tsubasa Chronicles
Shakugan No Shana
Zombie Loan
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Zero No Tsukaima

Those i recommended are all ones i enjoyed.

Peaceful_Jelly3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Darker than Black is really good but the beginning of that series it's so confusing it may scare people away after watching the first 3 or 4 episodes. The sequel was a pedobait tease though but still decent.

Zero no Tsukaima I like too even though the 2 & 3rd seasons were as pointless as they could be. I have read that season 4 is coming out for October or something. Shakugan no Shana is the same thing as this anime but on a different setting. Instead of a magical world here they are in modern day "real world" and not as entertaining because most of the characters (outside of the main ones) are just plain useless (they add nothing, they are dead-weight). Main plot is crappy too, this anime is boring. It's all about defending this one useless guy (which all the main girls are in love with for no apparent reason) because he has an artifact within him that some pretty powerful demons want but he needs it to keep living.

And about Hyakka Rouran Samurai girls, that anime has to be one of the biggest pile of horse crap I ever seen. People do really have some weird (maybe awful) taste...

The others I haven't seen them, but what about that new pre-quel to Fate/Stay called "Fate/Zero" that is coming out next month? To be honest, I didn't like Fate/Stay that much so I wouldn't be watching the pre-quel.

Reibooi3989d ago

Can't stand the anime to be honest. It completely destroys the plot of the original visual novel which tells the story MUCH better. After about the half way point(or after the rider arc to be more precise) the anime starts throwing in unneeded bits from the other 2 paths and by the end the ending loses it's impact as the story didn't focus on the relationship between Shiro and Saber.

The sad part about this is it's not like they were adapting some unfinished manga or something of that nature. They were adapting a visual novel that was complete and released years earlier and still to this day ranks very high on best visual novels ever made lists. There really was no reason for them to ruin the story the way they did.

Honestly for those who say they loved the anime or even liked it try to find a copy of the original visual novel and use the Mirrormoon translation and voice patch and I guarantee you will find the game far more enjoyable. It's far better paced and written and the story stays much more focused all the way through. And then after that you still have the other 2 paths(Unlimited Blade Works which had it's own movie that had similar issues to the anime and Heaven's Feel which has no adaptation yet but one hopes that UFO table will be the ones doing it now that TYPE-MOON seems to have ditched Studio DEEN for their anime adaptations)

naruto2223989d ago

i might actually watch this anime. ty for the review