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Anime Evo: Tiger & Bunny 24 Review

Anime Evo: I thought a few days after watching the episode my mind would be better able to review the episode but…not really nope. Still reeling from the ending of this episode and I have no clue what I really want to happen in the final episode now. Half of me is clinging desperately to hope while the other half of me is practically screaming for the angst. And then add to that the news that apparently the finale has one MEGA SUPER twist that will leave us shocked….color me completely emotionally fucked.

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nyobzoo4092d ago

can't wait for the next episode

takese4091d ago

this episode should at least be 110 degrees. seriously..
and i really hope he's not dead!

nagicakeumz4091d ago

I swear, I'll cry if Kotetsu is dead. :<