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Naruto Generations: Matsuyama Comments on Character Cuztomization

Saiyan Island writes "Recently over at the Tokyo Game Show, the folks over at IGN had the opportunity to talk to president of CyberConnect2 (CC2), Hiroshi Matsuyama. IGN mentions Matsuyama said the focus with Generations is to make sure that it represented the wishes and interests of the players. He noted that if the fans want something, they should make their voices heard".

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Yi-Long3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

... but TBH, for Generations I just hope they also have less boring stages to fight in when in the VS-mode.

The only cool stage was Konoha. The rest was just very bland and boring.

Some interactive stages like in the DoA games would be great as well btw, with fighters throwing eachother through walls or from mountains/buildings and such...

tayz3979d ago

lol you spelled customization wrong.

rabidpancakeburglar3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

No, customization is an Americanism and is not proper English. Customisation is correct.

Whoops just noticed that was extra Z as well lol

DrRichtofen3979d ago

yeah I just noticed that lol my bad

naruto2223979d ago

I would not mind having the ability to create characters and playing with them online.

Shadonic3979d ago

customization in a naruto game like storm would be flipping incredible especially playing against your child hood rival it will be like your in the game O.O

Lord_Sloth3979d ago

I would LOVE customization in this franchise! That would be so awesome it would no longer be awesome. It would bump up to Superspecialawesome!!!