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ANN: Review: Baka and Test Blu-Ray + DVD - Complete Set

ANN: Second-year high school student Akihisa Yoshi is one of the world's biggest idiots. Everyone around him – his best friend, his teachers, his school principal, his all-too-friendly older sister, even the two girls and one guy who crush on him – freely acknowledge that. Thus no one was surprised when his placement exam score landed him in Class F, the lowest-ranked class at the highly-competitive Fumizuki Academy, a school where the quality of the classroom and its equipment corresponds to the class's A-F ranking.

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D3acon3970d ago

Thoght this was a fun anime. The main character I love I think because at times he really does seem to be an idiot and I can relate. There are some funny situations and I think overall its just a fun anime. Its streaming on netflix as well.