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iAX Review: “Disgaea 4″ (PS3)

iAX: "In the world of gaming, people tend to make associations with what the franchise is known for. Final Fantasy is known for its great musical scores, bishounen and engrossing worlds. The Ar Tonelico franchise is known for the incredible attention to detail in its world, suggestive themes and amazing musical scores. Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea franchise is known for its hardcore grinding, funny plot and rich cast of characters. Having never played a Disgaea game before, I jumped into the fourth game not knowing anything about the game except from what was discussed on gaming forums about the previous iterations. Disgaea 4 is a very well done game; in fact I would argue that it is one of the best introductions for a person who has never played a Disgaea game because it has a great cast of characters, wonderful production values, an interesting political story and a genuinely funny script."

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nyobzoo4072d ago

I really like this game, beat it at over level 400