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Bored with Anime and Manga. Is there a Cure?

Charlotte needs some suggestions for great anime and manga!

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CrescentFang3973d ago

The interesting manga/anime are the ones based on light novels/novels. I would assume an actual written book must have a well written narrative, but it makes me wonder how some of them turn into an ecchi harem anime/manga (how can you read on of those? lol the novels must be somewhat different haha). Well those aren't all the good ones, but most of them are at least interesting.
Anyways there are so many manga/manhwa online to read, especially the ones that haven't been brought to your territory. Though when they do make sure to support them.
I havne't read a lot of manhwas, but the only one I've been keeping up with is the Breaker. Oh I forgot there are also those Naver webtoons they also are very creative too.

Peaceful_Jelly3973d ago

No wonder she's bored. Just look at the bunch of garbage she been reading and watching... Claymore was the only thing worth mentioning.