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Only 50 Characters in Dragon Ball Z Ultmate Tenkaichi

Saiyan Island shows video of Gotenks fighting Gogeta and also a character selection screen that shows the game will only have 50 characters.

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tayz3970d ago

50 characters suck!!!

rabidpancakeburglar3970d ago

If they sucked they wouldn't put them in the game :p

tayz3970d ago

no that amount sucks. even naruto is going to have over 50 characters and that show isnt even finished yet!

rabidpancakeburglar3969d ago

I know, it was a joke. You say that naruto isn't finished yet but fail to consider the fact that naruto has many more recurring characters over naruto and shippuden and when UNS2 came out they had many characters who featured in the original naruto and obviously carried over. When Generations releases they will have the originals and the older ones do obviously there is more.

It's not as simple as that as for Dragonball games it usually focuses on one of the 3. So you will rarely get any of the characters from Dragonbll or GT if it's a Z focused game, so there are less characters.

Yi-Long3966d ago

... that doesn't sound very 'ultimate' at all.

Tanir3969d ago

thats cuz the show is beyond milked and has the most filler of any anime in the world. 200+ filler arc at end of first series? tons of filler in shippuden, though not as much as the first.

yeah thats why the show isnt finished

tayz3969d ago

all of the naruto game characters are canon tho they never include filler characters in ultimate ninja games (except lars but hes not rly filler)

DrRichtofen3970d ago

c'mon Spike! if we can get over 150 in the Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for ps2 we sure as hell better get that + more for PS3

tayz3970d ago

i know right! at keast put the 150 in BT3 and then those special characters in RB2 like Hithyak and SSj3 Brolly

Theyellowflash303969d ago

You guys shouldn't be so worried about the amount of characters in the game. Quality matters more. Most of the characters in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 sucked and where garbage compared to the Goku, Vegeta, Gotenks ect....

What DBZ video games need to do is focus on making better game with better controls, a better camera, better fighting mechanics, and better multiplayer.

I rather have a insanely solid DBZ games with 30 characters than a loose playing lacking depth version with 130 characters.

50 characters tells me they are focusing on making those 50 truely unique and different. But Im not banking on the game actually being good.

OzzieArcane3970d ago

Unlikely, they didn't have DLC for the Raging Blast titles, I don't see it happening here either.

Which is a shame for a game that calls itself Ultimate Tenkaichi to have less characters then Budokai Tenkaichi 1.

OzzieArcane3969d ago

That DLC was what I call "fake" DLC. They didn't add characters, they added customized versions of Characters who were already in the game.

krazykombatant3969d ago

NOOOO and I had such high hopes for this game... now isntead of buying it right off the bat, i'm gonna have to get it real cheap and used..

zackacloud3969d ago

I thought I will buy DB game on this gen instead of playing ps2 releases and zeq-lite .

Just 50 characters!!

This anime with than 500 episodes and toooo much films and some of special epsisode.

And wait a sec they didn't improve the fucking game at all just graphics why there not system same as Zeq-lite 2 with more dynamic and improved system ???

Really Zeq-lite2 it best dragon ball Z simulator and bandai it too far from it.

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