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Anime Evo: Fate/Zero 03 Review

Anime Evo:

After two episodes of extreme intense, episode 3 turned down the excitement factor a bit for some good old plot development. I think one thing that this series will probably continue to deliver, on a weekly basis, is a good dose of surprises. Despite being a bit slower than the past two episodes, this episode really did surprise quite a bit. Especially as far as the characters and their plan goes.

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Tanir3947d ago

figured this was amazing :)

Berserk3947d ago

Wait im confused is this a sequel to "Faith stay night"?

Reibooi3947d ago

It's a prequel to the original visual novel(I say the novel because the anime diverges from the VN quite abit and knowing Ufotable this will stick VERY close to the novels it's based off)

Berserk3946d ago

oh ok. I might also check out the visual novel to then. Thank you froyour answer:D!