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Top 10 Anime Anti-Heroes

Check out Capsule Computers, Top 10 Anime Anti-Heroes list. Is your favourite Anti-Hero one of the greatest?

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evrfighter3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

I'm down with the top two but no char aznable? aker is pretty much one of a long list of char clones...

Kalowest3254d ago

Lol, they need to make a list of heroes that turned out to be villains.

Mozilla893255d ago

I'm actually watching the Buu saga again and after all these years Majin Vegeta's fight against Buu is still pretty badass.

PirosThe4th3254d ago

Yeah Vegeta was kicking serious ass!

Hicken3255d ago

I can get down with this list. Especially the top 2.

TopDudeMan3251d ago

I dunno about scar.. I never really got him.. Don't think he should be on that list. I think Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach would be a better choice... But I can see what they were going for.