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Horror Anime Series You Should Consider Watching

Arcee "What anime can do so well and still not seem fake is scare the hell out of you. And not all of the scares have to be of the monstrous or visual kind - the scare that they can put into you with the psychological aspects of horror are astounding, if not better, than the monster and gore they show. The list below is something I compiled that I believe best showcase how well anime can do horror."

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SmashBrawler1013942d ago

I do love me some animated blood. I'll check the list out.

FlashXIII3942d ago

If shock gore is noteworthy, surely Elfen Lied and Gantz deserve special mentions?

amguitarman3942d ago

Yup, Perfect Blue was a mind f*** alright.

nyobzoo3942d ago

sure there's blood and gore but actually fear in horror just can't be captured in 2D imo

TheGameFoxJTV3942d ago

You do know t6hat unless you're looking at a 3D TV, what you're watching is always 2D.

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