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Top 10 Anime Songs of 2011

Check out Capsule Computer's top 10 list for anime songs of 2011. Follow the link to see if your favourite made the cut.

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Lavalamp3941d ago

Glad to see a nod to AnoHana's music. Both the OP and ED are very moving tracks.

futurefrog3941d ago

What other songs would you have chosen?

Lavalamp3941d ago

The opening for AnoHana, Blue Bookmark by Galileo Galilei, immediately comes to mind. It evokes feelings of childlike wonder, while instilling the notion of growing up and cherishing youth. It manages to tug at the ol' heart strings every time.

I'm also quite fond of C-Control's opening theme Matryoshka, performed by Nico Touches the Wall. It complimented the series' themes of vanity, materialism by likening the speaker to a hollow doll, insecurely hiding behind layers of a chauvinistic persona.

futurefrog3941d ago

I loved Blue Bookmark as well! Anohana was a treasure trove for great music.

Qwerty913941d ago

I LOVE the Hunter X Hunter opening!!!

koga883941d ago

Nice inclusion of Tiger & Bunny's second ending. I can't count the number of times that I have listened to that song.

discordman3941d ago

Great list. Tiger & Bunny's ending was a top choice.

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