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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Sales: Week Two

Saiyan Island breaks down the numbers for the latest Naruto game on the PSP in it's second week on sale in the US and Japan.

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tayz3934d ago

i feel like CoD or Mario games get this many sells in like a day. damn, Naruto deserves more popularity

rabidpancakeburglar3931d ago

Naruto is very popular but out with Japan this game would never sell that much because it's not on a console. Add to that the fact that people have preconceptions that all anime games are crap because reviewers who don't know the series score down for that fact.

tayz3931d ago

ppl should get to know the Naruto series. the story is like a billion times better then any mario, CoD, MGS, or Halo story. ya i like all those games but they have nothing on Naruto's story. reviewers should get slapped for reviewing any series game they dont watch. not that impact or storm need it

koga883931d ago

Usually there is a decent amount of fans that will still buy the game even without it being on a console. Problem with this is, there just is zero support for the PSP nowadays with most people preparing to update to the Vita.

koga883931d ago

I think it is also due to the fact that it was developed for a platform that few people even play anymore, let alone support. With the PS Vita coming out in a few months most people have abandoned the PSP.

I'm sure both CoD and Mario will end up selling more copies than that in the first 20 minutes they are released.

Also the sales numbers aren't even that great for Japan, only 65,200 copies sold in two weeks is horrible for a title like that.